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Dental Implants! Can I really get my tooth/teeth replaced in one day?

Love Advanta Dental Services
August 23, 2017

Patients often ask me about how its possible to ‘get their teeth ALL done in one day?’

A pparently there is a company that advertises being able to take a person without any teeth, place implants and place crowns on those implants all in a single visit. So there is some truth to this, but with advertising as is often the case, the catch phrases don’t always tell the whole story.

I have seen a person receive 6-8 implants in one dental visit followed by a full arch provisional or temporary bridge attached to those implants and sent home in the same day. So yes, it is possible to have this happen, but what patients need to understand and what the advertisements don’t explain is that those teeth you walk out the door with are only temporaries and there will need to be multiple follow up visits to complete the process after healing time has occurred.

O Once a dental implant is placed it needs at least 3 months to ‘hibernate’ in the jawbone. Just as you don’t want to poke a sleeping bear in a cave, you really want to leave those sleeping implants alone for those 3 months. Otherwise the body may reject them and the process has to be repeated or aborted all together.

Sometimes when a single implant is used to replace a front tooth we will attach a temporary crown to that implant immediately after it is placed, but that crown is adjusted in such a way that no forces can be applied to it when biting or chewing, and the patient has to understand that it is for smiling only. If the implant takes on any loading forces at all it could lead to a failure.

I n the case when 4-8 implants are placed in a jaw to accommodate what we call a ‘full arch bridge’, we can attach a temporary bridge to all of those implants and in these situations the temporary bridge acts as a stabilizing mechanism for all of the implants.

Essentially splinting them together as a single unit spread across the mouth. The patient still needs to limit their function, chewing, etc. on that splinted bridge, but it can be done in one visit. But again, the key point is that it’s not the final prosthesis, and unless you heal as quickly as X-Men’s Wolverine, you’ll be wearing that temporary bridge for a few months until the implants can handle the workload they are intended for.


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