Night Guards and Sports Guards

These appliances can single handedly make the biggest impact on the quality of an individuals life than almost any other product or service we provide. Individuals who have a tendency to grind and clench their teeth (often referred to as bruxism) can have acute problems and prolonged problems. Acutely they can develop pain in their jaw, teeth, or muscles. They can have difficulty sleeping or relaxing. If the bruxism continues it can, and most likely will result in fractured teeth, root canals, or possibly extractions.

A simple night guard can help prevent all of that. They are made right in our office, custom fitted to your individual mouth. Advanta Dental guarantees them as well, so if you wear it out they are replaced at not additional cost. If you loose it or your dog eats it…. (and it has happened), there is a small replacement fee.

They cost approximately half the price of a crown, but in the long run will save you from expensive future treatment if left unchecked.